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Put The M Back In Your Morning

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I recently spotted these McDonald’s outdoor advertisements- I want to discuss this campaign from a neurological perspective.  Most people dislike advertising.  As a result moment the brain realizes a stimulus is a promotion it places it in the ignore bucket.  This process happens incredibly fast, subconsciously.  Most of us aren’t even aware we’re ignoring hundreds of ads a day.  But …

Banner Ad

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I saw this ad on – I like it for four reasons- – simple – bold statement (Most Wearable Pants on Earth!) – clearly states benefit (save $70) – creates an element of curiosity (“I see I can save $70, wonder how much the each khaki costs?”)

Click = Bounce

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I saw this very clever banner ad today: It was well designed and from a retailer I recognized.  Normally, I’m not a sucker for online advertising but this “tabbed” day look grabbed my attention and the fact that the day was cleverly set to Wednesday when today is Wednesday really intrigued me (relevance!!).  The ad had achieved all it was …