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Copywriting Without The Guesswork

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Which version do you like better? The wonderful thing about the online world is that we can measure what % of visitors to each of these pages completed a transaction. Note:  Don’t let a lawyer write your Price Match Guarantee.  Look what happened to

Reasons To Register

Rishi Rawat Blog Leave a Comment is a wildly popular quilting supplies etailer and this is their Join our email list! pitch: What if the copy read: Join our email list! Be the first to know about sales, offers and unlock 20 hidden designs. Do you think this would increase registration rates?

Free Shipping Russian Roulette

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Free shipping is a big deal; something that shoppers love and retailers hate.  What if we could limit the number of free shipping items and make shopping exciting? A site visitor is browsing your inventory and while on a product page gets a message that says “We give out 5 free shipping coupons every single day and you’ve been randomly …

Would You Consider This A Design Flaw?

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I was on the Wish List page on and noticed a search box.  Being a curious monkey I entered ‘h’: I was surprised to see this list pop up.  The screenshot below is a partial screenshot of the results page: It has the customers full name and address.  Would you consider this a design flaw? If you want to …

Fine Tuning The Wrong Channel

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Back in the day radios had two dials, one which moved quickly between channels and another which was used to fine tune a channel. For years I have been hearing about the magic of testing and how retailers like are seeing improvements in conversion rates by simply changing Buy Now to Add to Cart.  These amazing stories emphasize the …


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One of the cheapest ways to try out new alternatives is to present both to customers and then just observe how they use them. Case in point: AirTran is offering the option to use a pull down and a calender interface. Now, if only they looked at their logs to see that 90% of people dont use the pull down.