The Sway of Free

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This is the cart page on

The shopper is about to purchase a $21 item.  As a store owner you know there is a 40%+ probability this potential buyer will abandon.  When I clicked CHECKOUT this is what I saw on next screen–

This is a genius conversion tactic for two reasons–

1: The shopper is being distracted by two free items.  This unexpected ‘gift’ completely shifts focus away from the $21 item and to the free items.

2: presents shoppers 12 free items and asks them to pick any 2.  Studies show when shoppers can drive their own experience they covert at a higher rate.

Another clever touch is that if a shopper clicks Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel, one of the free items listed, product details are shown on the same screen–

It’s always a good idea to keep shoppers who start checkout within checkout flow.  We saw this in the example too.

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  1. It’s quite clever. Did you see the text above the free sample offer? “You are $29.00 away from 5 free samples.”

    I didn’t see this at first. It looks a little lost, competing with the free sample images.

    Probably would work better if this text was bigger, brighter or flashing

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