Making Store Locators Work When You Don’t Have A Store At The Customer’s Location

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 2 Comments

Let’s say this is your store locator page….

Store locator page
Store locator page

…and a searcher from Chicago lands on it.  Normally this would lead to an abandon (because you don’t have a Chicago location) but there may be a way to convert this exit into a sale.  Right at the bottom of the page I’d post this message:

“If you couldn’t find a local store please leave your email address with us.  We’re opening stores all the time and would love to notify you the moment a local store opens.  And because we feel bad for being unable to help you today we’ll email an exclusive discount coupon for you to share with one of your close friends who live near our 14 national stores.

PS:  When we open a store near you we’ll send you a discount coupon too!”

Comments 2

  1. Very nice. I have another dislike along the same lines–the map widget that searches for a store near you, only to show you one that is 200 miles away.

    The site needs to intelligently determine a distance threshold and follow your suggestions as needed.

    I think you have nailed that there is value in talking to the customer even if you can’t help them right now.

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