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  1. Thanks for the insight, something I always do when I look at these ads in SMITHSONIAN. Yet, when I question it outload, I hear I am too negative…I am with you on this, 100%.

  2. I have the Meisterzeit a Graves 33 and the Reulator 7.
    They get more comments than my Rolex Presidential that everyone asked if it’s fake. All of my Stauer’s keep perfect time and cost less than having the Rolex serviced just once. The Graves 33 is almost 4 years old and the only thing that I have worn out is the band. Stauer sells new bands for $25.00
    Their watches won’t cost you a arm an a leg, they keep good time and they look great. What more could you want for a C-Note.

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    2. You can buy a Seiko watch for half the price and twice the quality, not to mention better styling. Don’t be suckered by this sleazy marketing.

  3. Just an aside… the product that Stauer is selling is way better than what you would get from China. Yes, it is slick marketing. No, I did not buy the (watches) that I have because they were junk. I bought one under the 30 day return ontract and was please with the value for the dollar. Then, I purchased mnore of the watches I liked. I will keep them and use them and know that they represent a time gone by…

  4. The ad (in National Geographic)has been improved (thanks to your post?): the 4999 watches are gone, the inaccurate 80% off has been replaced by the more accurate 76% (300/395) but the 18k gold has been downgraded to 14 k.
    Very interesting

  5. All the watches with discounted price tag are “Made in China” but the ones NOT discounted are “NOT Made in China” !! This gives the answer for 4999 !!

  6. I bought a Stauer Meisterzeit Automatic about one year ago in 2010. It is a very nice looking watch
    although a bit thicker than most watches I have owned. After one or two months use the screw from
    the rotor fell off inside the case. I replaced the screw myself (whether this became a problem or, not I do not know). The watch worked flawlessly for about six months of intermittent use. I change watches frequently. Now, within the last three weeks, it stops running. I wound it for a short time per automatic watch directions, set it down and let it run out three or four times. Then I wound it to start and wore it. It stops within 5-6 hours every time. Even the best of watches can have a bad one in the lot, but in this case I really think that the Meisterzeit is not worth the money. It is a very smart looking watch overall. When it runs it seems to keep time fairly accurately. When it runs. I ordered a new automatic from a reputable company with equal gook looks at a reasonable price in my estimation. I think its time for a change. Later I will compare the two here.

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