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  1. You can do three things on any landing page– 
    1. Add information
    2. Delete information
    3. Change information

    Based on point 1, if the user on the example landing page is ACTUALLY looking for pricing of a savings plan, then one could add that in, upfront. Or at least show me a range of what the cost could be like in my State. Obviously, if Rishi clicked this, the info for Michigan could be populated, which cleanly leads to ZIP code and other finer details.

    Based on point 2, if the user already knows about dental discount plans, then why feed that again? So one could delete that out. Also, extra points act as fluff and could be a deterrent for a user with high motivation– who wants to get the job done as quickly as possible.

    Based on point 3, who said old folks have toothaches alone? If the graphical images can match a varied target group, then that should be better based on geographical regions, the time of the day etc.

    So, all in all, it’s about the intent and if you learn about their intent and solve the pain points, then we’re in good company. 🙂

    P.S., It’s a good landing page example nonetheless, thumbs up.

    1. Hey, Sumantha. As usual, you are 10 steps ahead of us. Your point about assuming the buyer is old (showing old people photo) is very valid. I also like your geolocation point. I also like, “if the user on the example landing page is ACTUALLY looking for pricing of a savings plan, then one could add that in, upfront.”

      In fact. all your points are valid.

      You are describing ways to make this page 4x better. I’m comparing this page to the crappy landing pages I see every day. So, to me, it’s a good landing page 🙂

      How I constructed my thinking: What can we guess about someone Googling “Dental savings plan”? One guess: they are looking for a low-cost plan, have been ignoring dental issues, and anticipate needing dental help soon.

      That assumption may not be complete or fully accurate. But it’s a good enough assumption.

      And based on that assumption the line, “Are you one of the one-third of Americans that didn’t go to the dentist last year?” connects directly with my psychology. I like this line because:

      1: It makes me think, “Hey! that me.”
      2: It makes me feel I’m not alone (100 million other Americans are in my same boat).

      I don’t see it as fluff. It’s a way for us to connect with the reader.

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