Simplicity Is Key in Landing Pages

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As designers, copywriters, and marketers, we overcomplicate things 9 times out of 10. Landing pages are no exception.

Simpler solutions are always better.

After doing a Google search for “dental savings plan”, we came across this search result:

After clicking on this result, we were taken to this landing page:

This landing page starts off by doing one simple trick that undoubtedly results in more shoppers staying on the page. The copy is relatable.

In the image above, the first sentence we underlined has a high likelihood of resonating with the shoppers because there’s a good chance they are one of the 1/3 of Americans that didn’t visit the dentist last year. This uses our Serendipity tactic (learn more here).

The second sentence we underlined does the same as most people don’t like paying taxes, but they see the importance/value in doing so.

This copy is simple. It doesn’t explain the technical details about the service. It simply relates to the shopper and makes the experience on the page more personal — more human (something not enough sites do).

Finally, this landing page also answers the shopper’s most pressing questions. But it does so in a way that is easy to find because the headings immediately let the shoppers know what questions will be answered:

A shopper scanning through the landing page won’t have any trouble finding what they need. Landing pages don’t need to be the most beautiful things with fancy CSS animations, giant and elaborate illustrations, etc. Those are great, but the most important thing is simplicity — getting your pitch across to your shopper and answering their questions quickly, concisely, and without confusion or distractions.

That’s just what did on their landing page.

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