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You don’t always have to bring out the big guns. Sometimes the most subtle tweaks drive the best conversion improvements. Here is an example.

This is the copy that is being currently shown on the page:


It’s very basic and to the point. Could Serendipity be used to make the copy better? More engaging? Yes. Serendipity is the art of using what we know about the user to make a connection.

What can we guess about something who is on a page that is selling a $27 juice case? We can guess she is someone who doesn’t want to buy mass-produced low-quality stuff available in the grocery store. Tart cherry juice also has health benefits. Also, this pure cherry, without any other additives so we can guess this user is looking for a natural solution.

In our concept, the main change we made was tweaking the headline. Are you sick of artificial? We are too. Sometimes just 8 words can make all the difference:

Our test concept.

If Cheribundi hired us we would love to test this idea on their site.

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