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One of the most underutilized parts of Serendipity is targeting during holidays. Even something as simple as your email signup can be transformed into a big psychological persuader for the customer.

Take this example of an email signup:

As you can see, it’s just a normal signup that promises the user 10% off their purchase. The thing is though, a large majority of people will just skip over this without even seeing the savings they’ll get.

If we know that Christmas is right around the corner and we want customers to signup for our emails over the next 18 days, we can show them this popup:


As you can see, the offer doesn’t change, you’ll still receive 10% off from signing up. However, we added a heading that says “Christmas is right around the corner” and put the 10% inside of a present. But why is this effective? The user knows that Christmas is around the corner and they’ll have to buy some gifts. By targeting this event, the user thinks “yeah I do need to do some more shopping, and I’d love a 10% discount.” Since we are directly mentioning something that is a part of that person’s life, they feel lucky to have even seen this messaging.

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