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  1. Rishi, another thought-provoking interesting post. I decided to test it myself and as a visitor who has never been to their site, maybe I can provide a fresh perspective from a customer’s point of view.

    My first impression was that it is a nicely designed, solid site. I decided to see what DVDs they may have on famous scientists. The primary navigation bar wasn’t where I expected it (on the left) but I’m clever enough to have found it on the top. I clicked “science and nature” and then “general science.” Alas, there were 73 DVDs so I was sure I would find one I might like. But you were right, there was no way to sort deeper and I would have had to sort through several pages reading the title of each. Not many customers would do that.

    Next I tried searching for “scientists.” This returned over 90 results, again with no useful way to further sort the list. A search for “physicists” returned only 10 results, but there was only one DVD about scientists.

    So really, the only way to find a DVD I want here would be to know a scientist’s name, or the name of the DVD and make my search very specific.

    As far as your other questions… creating the rich experiences and adding DVD trailers is probably a significant undertaking. I know if I wanted to do that with my site, it would take more time and money than I have right now. But then again, I’m sure PBS has more of both of those than I do.

    Again, nice post. I always look forward to reading about what you have to say regarding the e-commerce world…

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    Thanks for commenting. Their DVD site should have trailers because I know PBS owns an inventory of video clips. When I was on the ‘CEO Exchange’ DVD section I also went to Google and searched for the term and found their CEO Exchange programming site ( On this site you will see loads of program trailers. So why not use that existing content for their DVD sales channel? The costs should be minimal plus I’m sure it will improve conversion.

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