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  1. Those videos are beyond awesome.

    It looks like a lot of people work there. I wonder how big that business is!

    They need to feature a giant About page on their web site that shows their personality as well as all the YouTube videos do.

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  2. I think we do the videos 57% because we love to make them, 33% because we think it will increase sales, 25% because we like to learn new things and 17% because we are masochistic. As for increase in conversion – I have absolutely no idea how much it has increased sales but I do know that the videos make our customers believe they are our personal friends and it really helps us connect with the average person who calls in. The response has been very positive.

    Our company has about 30 employees.

    As for an about page, I probably didn’t do one because that sounded boring and I figured most of our customers already know who we are. Hmmmm, what would I say….?

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      Hi Jon,

      I’m confident your videos are strongly influencing conversions. BTW, the direct impact of your videos (right down to the dollar) can be measured by adding small javascript code. Once you know “video x” increased net profits 12% it’s easily to motivate yourself to make more.

      I also believe adding an About Us page is super important. Your video makes it clear is a fun company. About Us page would appeal to shoppers interested in Jon Townsend’s story. Also, people shop in different styles- some, like me, love videos while others prefer reading text.

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