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If engaged users on your site had a chance to meet you in person how many would end up buying? No reason why your site can't do just as well.

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    2. Rick makes a good point – but I’m not sure I agree that it’s not a causative relationship. More people write reviews, so more people share reviews, driving more people to buy. The conversion increases are still caused by a higher number of reviews.

      While it’s hard to get data on the exact breakdown of the causes of higher conversion, it’s almost certainly a combination of factors, including
      – increased WOM from more reviewers
      – increased trust in the review score
      – increased relevance because more reviews are more likely to include something relevant for any given shopper
      – increased SEO benefits attracting more traffic (if you’re using your reviews for SEO)

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        Great points, Kat. I’m still torn about the review count. In my post I’ve sorted reviews by review count. Do you believe the bottom example (25,631 reviews) is better than the 2nd (48 reviews)? Is there a point when review count stops to matter?

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