Recommending products even when they’re not yours

Rishi Rawat Blog 1 Comment

The typical Men’s Wearhouse customer probably has some of the characteristics listed below:

– He is male
– He is 30-45
– He travels on business
– He is trendy
– Is involved in sales

Men’s Wearhouse (based on points above) owns this persona. But this persona has other needs beyond products sold by Men’s Wearhouse:

– Interest in productivity tools
– Fascination with electronic gadgets

Men’s Wearhouse could develop a holiday time email focused on these products. If this editorial recommended USBCELL Rechargeable Batteries (even though they do not retail it) I would listen because I BELIEVE Men’s Wearhouse knows ME and my needs.

The question is: does this dilute or enhance their brand experience? You tell me….

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