Quizzes Can Be Irresistible

The human brain is wired to notice questions. The ? symbol has a magnetic appeal.

Sunflowercamo.net manufactures a hunting camo designed for sunflower fields. Apparently, dove hunters need it. In order to advertise the effectiveness of their invention they ask this simple question …


… and when you give up (which you will) they reveal the answer. Scroll down to see:



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4 Replies to “Quizzes Can Be Irresistible”

  1. It’s a novel concept, so I immediately clicked through to see what sunflower camo really looks like. And immediately came to a crashing halt…I had to click a release of liability before viewing their online store. I get why they have that step, but their implementation was very “bush league” – pun intended. At least claim that your shit is so good that everyone has to sign a release or put it further into the funnel…

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