Quick View. Is It Really Needed?

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts 2 Comments

It’s very very common for ecommerce stores to show a Quick View option when you mouse over items on subcategory pages-


When Quick View is clicked a lightbox like this appears …


… allowing the shopper to buy directly without having to go to product page.  I can totally see how this makes sense for a heavy repeat buyer who wants to just quickly complete the purchase.  But that’s a very small minority of visitors.  Why I hate Quick View- product images on category pages are shrunk down, and Quick View button takes up a fair amount of image screen real-estate.  Thus, it’s highly likely people will end up clicking it accidentally; I know I do.  Run an A/B test where 50% of site visitors see Quick View on subcategory pages and 50% don’t.  You will likely see no difference in conversion rates (meaning Quick View has no conversion value).  Now, if you still want Quick View because you think it looks great go ahead and leave it in.

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