Product Reviews – The Art And Science

While I am a huge fan of product reviews they have one inherent flaw – they are not designed for average products. Exceptionally good/bad ones get away because they inspire comment. As a result average products (which are in the majority) get left empty with obscure greetings like:


which, by the way, does more harm because research shows positive reviews significantly impact sales and so the lack of reviews should have a quasi opposite effect too.

so what’s the work around? well, first of all reviews only tell what a fraction of the buying audience feels about a product but more importantly reviews might not always be married to fact (like sales figures, return rates; you know, the really important stuff). so why is it no retailer is willing to show exactly how much of each SKU sells and how many pieces get returned. If i read a review which is negative but see that the product sells like crazy I might just overrule the verdict by potbelly1327. Isn’t it time retailers started reclaiming turf stolen by online reviewers?

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