Product Page “Add to Favorites” Button. Why It Matters for Your Online Sales.

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In this article we’ll tell you why product pages have “Add to Favorites” buttons.

Product Page Backstory

For an ecommerce site, their product page is the most important page on the whole site. The entire site is designed to funnel users to the product page. The single goal of the product page is to now convert these visitors.

The most important button

Based on the logic above it would seem the “Add to Cart” button should be the most important. The average ecommerce site has a 2.86% conversion rate.

I know what you’re thinking,

“in a world where 97.14% site visitors already don’t convert why add a button like ‘Add to Favorites’ and dilute product page conversions further?”

I’m with you. I’ve always found the product page “Add to Favorites” buttons strange.

My reasoning has been, “what’s the point of this?”. I now see I was wrong. For shoppers who are simply in browse mode (96% of your site visitors, want more stats like this?) their mental narrative isn’t …

“I need to buy”

… its:

“oooh, I need to bookmark this item, it looks perfect”.

The “Add to Favorites” phrase connects with this mental chat.

So shoppers will click it and we’ll capture their email address and gently, lovingly, nurture them.

Now I see why has an "Add to Favorites" button on their product page.
Add to Favorites, taken from

And this is why marketers add a “Add to Favorites” button on their product pages.

Bottom line: buyer psychology

As an ecommerce marketer, the key detail that matters is buyer psychology.

We’ve been thinking about online buyer psychology for the last 11 years. To us, buyer psychology is the art and science of understanding the intent of your online shopper. Many most purchase decisions are made subconsciously. There is a whole area of economics dedicated to this topic, it’s called Behavioral Economics. Marketers who understand buyer psychology will dramatically improve their conversions and smoke the competition.

We’ve written extensively about this topic.

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