Proclivity Raises $5.5 Million

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The world is slowly slipping into the hands of Super Crunchers.

As every interaction starts getting recorded it will only improve the super cruncher’s ability to mine data and identify powerful causal relationships.  One company offering super crunching services to the eCommerce world is Proclivity.  Their Proclivity Mail platform allows marketers to individually market to customers based on purchasing likelihood, thus maximizing retailer margins.  Think of it this way: if their data mining algorithm identifies you as a motivated prospect with a high price premium tolerance for a specific item then instead of giving a 7% discount they’ll convert you with a 5% discount, thus leaving 2% more for the retailer.  Over thousands of transactions this quickly adds up.

Today Proclivity raised another $5.5 million which means their system will get even more bad-ass.

Led by the former head of BI and data mining at über etailer Bluefly Proclivity could grow to be a very scary company.

Learn more about their founder here.

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