Power of Visualization

We use just 3 tactics to drive conversions. Visualization is one of them. The idea behind that tactic is to reinforce a point by using a visual device.

Here is one application of the tactic.

Was searching for a journal on Amazon. Bleeding wasn’t even a criterion I was looking for but once I saw this image I was like, “That’s right, it’s important that the pages in the journal don’t bleed!”:

Showing how well the product works

This marketer was able to inject a thought in my mind, and that changed my purchase behavior.

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking, “I can see how Visualization works for this example, it’s a very specific example, I don’t see how it could work on my site.

Visualization can be expressed in a variety of ways. In example below words are being used to evoke a vision. The user can imagine what 1,200 Olympic-sized pools looks like:

Visualizing how much water is being saved.

SawStop (not a client, just using their Amazon page to illustrate our idea) is a safety device that stops the saw machine if your fingers come in contact with the blade (which can be fatal). It stops the machine in 5 milliseconds but people can’t imagine how fast 5 milliseconds are so we added a visual cue:

Helping people see just how fast 5 milliseconds really is.

Here is another example. People don’t know how far back 500 CE is. On the bottom, this display board shows the event they’re describing, and on top, a recognizable reference event that happened during the same period:

One final example. This probiotic helps by balancing our gut biome (not a client, just using their site to illustrate our idea). People can’t see inside their body. Bacteria are tiny (invisible) so we wanted to pick a more relatable example to emphasize the importance of balance:

Can you think of a way to leverage the power of Visualization on your site? Need help? Comment below and we’ll help find a visualization opportunity on your site.

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  1. This is a terrific idea! I was drawn to the graphic for “blink of the eye & 5 milliseconds” that really put it in perspective.

    Hmm…. how can I do this?

    One idea is that we have a particular cut of diamond, called Fire Polish, that exhibits more color dispersion (fire) than any other diamond in the world. So maybe a graph on that category page, and also on the product page? I did put up an image, and there are videos – but a graph showing the HUGE difference in “fire” creation of that diamond might tell a better story?

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