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  1. Hmmm – my two cents:

    I would go to an online store (vs. marketplace like Amazon or Etsy or Ebay) ONLY if there were a compelling reason for me to do so (customized product, unique brand, cause based product/service etc.).
    So for Leather Honey to spend money on marketing to generate traffic for a product that doesn’t have that sort of attraction probably might not make net economic sense (after factoring in the AMZN charges) – Amazon (8 reviews notwithstanding) is potentially generating more sales per $ than their own web store.

    They are probably transitioning over to an Amazon only selling platform hence the equal billing?

    However, yet another interesting observation!

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      Hey Shreya. Love your comments.

      Shreya: Amazon (8 reviews notwithstanding) is potentially generating more sales per $ than their own web store.
      Rishi: Very likely. That said, as a marketer, I feel they could generate more sales on their own site.

  2. Top selling on Amazon is a social proof and conversion builder.

    Amazon invariably has a significantly higher conversion rate than any other site, because people already know and trust it.

    55% of ecommerce searches already start at Amazon.

    I know I often look to see if something is also available on Amazon when I am ready to buy it, because Amazon has my credit card already, Amazon has Prime shipping so I know I’ll get it and Amazon has a known return policy if it sucks.

    The site might be more of a “manufacturer’s site” anyway that was never intended to really sell much, because Amazon is their primary sales channel.

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    That’s a good point. But why mention the Amazon option right on homepage? Why not wait for that shopper to drill down on product page level? I mean, make more of an effort to sell on your own site. Right?

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