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While I love the idea of persona-driven retail strategy I hate the secrecy around it. We need to extend personas beyond internal use. Personas are more than just internal customer profiles and can actually be used during the shopping process.

I’m a total fashion dud. I would love to go to and select my persona

Age Group: young professional
Job environment: non-corporate
Travel: frequent
Location: Chicago (believe it or not work dress etiquette’s vary by city, I learned this the hard way)
Lifestyle: active
Taste: eclectic

Now, Nordstrom already has this profile on file so instead of having me guess who I am why not just present personas and let me pick the profile that best describes me. This is great for Nordstrom because they know way more about a specific persona than they do about a Rishi Rawat.

The same idea can be extended when shopping for someone else. Instead of guessing what my girlfriend likes I could just pick a persona that best describes her and have the system tell me what she’d like.

PS: I’m not sure if this system will work for women shoppers too.

Here is another idea related to the idea of opening internal information.

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