Personalized Urgency

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I saw an ad for an interesting product on Instagram. So I clicked it. And landed on this product page which had a message that perfectly related to my behavior and nudged me to take action:


A little about us

Thank you for reading this article. We are Frictionless Commerce and over the last 11 years, we’ve thought about just one thing: how do we get online shoppers to convert? We’re fascinated by buyer psychology. Once we’ve understood how your site visitor thinks we use our 9 point copywriting process to convince and convert them.

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Comments 2

  1. I’d love to see the data behind this personalized urgency campaign. I do wish they’d picked a low stock number that wasn’t a whole number, I think 9 would look better than 10. 🙂

  2. Post

    Calvin: … I think 9 would look better than 10.
    Rishi: Actually, there is data to support your point. Numbers like 10 or 50,000 are dismissed by shoppers are marketing speak. But 50,109 is taken seriously. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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