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When a shopper visits—an online business that ships pre-planned meals to customers to help them lose weight and maintain their diet—they are met with this full-screen overlay:

Here are the subsequent screens.

Question 1:

First question after first overlay screen

Question 2:

Second question after first overlay screen

Our theory is that most that get to this page will NOT fill in their email address because they’ll think, “I entered my height, gender, age, activity level. Is that enough? My fear is I’ll receive a generic analysis email.”

In our concept we’d asked a lot more questions.

Question 1:

Question 1

Question 2:

Question 2

Question 3:

Question 4

Question 4:

Question 5

Question 5:

Question 6

Question 6:

Question 7

Final Question/Step:

Final Question/Step

Normally, adding more questions is a “no-no” but not in every instance (like our example below).

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