Paradox of Choice

Our flush flapper broke so we found ourselves at the local Lowe’s.  I picked the first universal flapper I found.  I thought I was done but my wife pointed to the lower bin that had 3 more universal models.  Now we were really confused.  They all looked alike but had slightly different price points.  Since we couldn’t decide we started reading instructions on the back.  Being a handyman isn’t my area of expertise so my brain started frying pretty fast and I was completely unable to decide what to get.  One particular model had graphical instructions on the back so I ended up buying it.  I was desperately looking for something that would help firm my decision (end my misery) and the graphic did the trick for me.  This was NOT the cheapest model.

Online shoppers suffer from the same analysis paralysis and are looking to you to provide one compelling reason (or a few) why they should buy from you.  Give them that reason and you’ll be surprised by the results.

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