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This Item Is Available At Your Local Store

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I have talked abut the ‘Grand Retail Unified Theory‘ in detail and very strongly believe this is where the future of eCommerce lies.  So far most eCommerce strategy has been focused on building a stores and jamming traffic through SEM/SEO.  This is redundant because it leads to a 4% conversion rate.  At best.  Back in the day when paid advertising …

Halloween Costumes With Video

Rishi Rawat Blog Posts Leave a Comment started using video on their site last year. Back then it looked clunky and force fitted. 365 days later they have developed a better integrated experience. Video is still used for only popular items but customers seem to like the new site experience better because according to the ‘Attention’ on the site has gone up 7% from the …

Tolerance Boost

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Tolerance Boost is net change in ‘Click Tolerance’ once a customer reaches the site. For example, has a powerful video review section. So if the Click Tolerance is 7 and a browser clicks on the product video link this does not automatically drop click tolerance to 6. Depending on the customer experience at the video section click tolerance …

Click Tolerance

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Click Tolerance is the number of clicks a user is willing to invest on your site before abandonment. This number varies by site, brand, product price point, retailer type (multichannel or not), customer segment etc. The quick and dirty formula to derive your website’s ‘Click Tolerance’ is: Click Tolerance = [(Total number of clicks on site) – (total number of …

And What About Love?

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Googling the phrase “retail profits” returns 58,400 web pages and the search for “retail sales” returns 2,040,000 but the phrase “retail love” only has 1,600. I don’t know exactly why but saying “retail love” out loud sounds really strange. You should try it too. Sounds silly, right? I confess I’ve never used it when talking to a client and I …

Bombay Company Bankruptcy Update

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The Bombay Company could begin the close down of all 400 stores soon. It is still unclear what will happen to their online assets, and What is especially shocking is that Bombay company is ranked 277 in the IR 500 list. Farewell, Bombay.

Tagging As A Selling Tool

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One of the most ubiquitous features of the web 2.0 world is tagging. Tagging is an outside-in way of organizing information. And while tagging my seem like a loss of control over editorial content it is surprisingly robust and effective at organizing data and greatly improves ‘findability’. Thus I don’t understand why retailers are not using tagging. And while Tagging …

The First Sale

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The biggest distinction between online shoppers and non-online shoppers is that those that buy online do it all the time with all kinds of products and those that don’t buy online don’t buy at all. So the biggest part of an online retailer’s job is converting a non shopper. Because once the life long behavior of touch, feel, fit and …

Capturing Intent

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One of the biggest advantages of your online channel is that it records much more than just sales numbers; which is almost the only data captured at the store level.  Ultimately the question retailers need to think about is not “why do people who are interested buy?” but rather “why do people who are interested not buy?”.  Hidden deep in …

Things Worth Tracking

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Forget standard customer segmentation. Your eCommerce site can show behavior in uniquely different ways. Here are a few examples: – Customers that visit a product several times over different days are different from customers that never revisit – Slow versus quick shoppers: browsers that take time reading every single review differ greatly from customers that checkout in 2 minutes – …