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  1. It’s cool to see your psychological process here. Step 1 is not “what do we say?”. Step 1 is “who are we talking to?”.

    Very cool to see how everything else flows from there!

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      You are quite astute. We can this process “Serendipity”. We use it to ask, “what all can we guess about the person on this page, their circumstance, and mental state?”

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  2. Version B is MUCH BETTER!

    Have you thought about contacting that company and showing them your idea, and asking them to do an a/b test?

    I was just thinking – if I owned that company, or was the marketing head honcho, and you approached me with a risk free offer of doing an a/b test, I might listen.

    Roll out your Version B as a test.
    Whatever lift in revenue your version provides, you get a percentage of the extra revenue for your services for x amount of months.

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      That’s such a good idea. I’d love to A/B test this. I did email this company and shared this exact idea. They said, “no thank you”. Not sure if they even reviewed our idea. But I don’t mind. I’m looking for people who think like me (and you). If I got such an idea from an unknown person I would definitely want to talk to them. BTW, have a great July 4th!

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