Synergize Online And Offline Experiences

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Many people buy offline and then do in-store alterations. If this data were captured at the store level it could be presented when customers purchase/browse online. Additionally, integrating offline purchase history will allow browsers to see a list of products they have already bought; both online and offline. This is especially useful when someone is trying to buy a shirt and is not sure if they already have a similar color at home. This feature could also be used to make online accessory recommendations for clothes that were bought offline.

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  1. today; after a disapointing shopping trip to westside, diti said, “i wish i could snap my fingers and only the clothes that i like and those that fit me would be visible.”

    so there IS a huge void that westside’s online shop can fill. but their website currently does nothing of the sort. (designed by bcwebwise). if only they read your blog.

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