I Don’t Know Why This Bothers Me So Much

While on the oakley.com I wanted to check out what they had for prescription glasses so I went to their search box and keyed in “prescription”.  The results page highlighted a related New Release, Top Seller and Featured Item.  Brilliant idea.  Below that they also presented a result set of 96 items:

Search on oakley.com

Much later, after several other clicks, I discovered Oakley also has a homepage for prescription glasses, see below:

What I don’t understand is why my search couldn’t just take me to this page.

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  1. Great post and yes, it’s shocking how bad some site search tools are. The sites have them there to help…but in fact they hinder!

    I recently posted a study from tealeaf technology and it’s scary to think that 21% of abandoned transactions happen because of search functions NOT working properly.

    There are 6 other no-no’s as well – if interested go to:

  2. Not that its a good excuse but I’m sure that search is programmed to return products and not pages. I think it definitely makes more sense to return the prescription page though.

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