Novelty: Add a Dash of Personality

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The brain is a curious device. Who knows why it’s drawn to certain things and freaked out by others (go ahead and Google trypophobia).

Marketers are always concerned with the Visibility of their page. One method that is beginning to be used more and more frequently is Novelty.

But what is Novelty? Novelty is a design trick that is meant to be unusual and attention grabbing.

Take this example of this Amazon Prime up-sell page:

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-5173″ src=” alt=”Amazon Upsell” />

It gets the point across of the benefits of Amazon prime, but it looks like any other generic sign up page that we have seen thousands of times (and 99% of the time, we skip over).

Now take this example from Amazon where we have a man sitting on a rocket while holding a package for delivery:

All that has changed is the addition of the graphic, but why is this a great example of Novelty?

A: The graphic is unexpected and causes the user to slow down.

B: The graphic is visually describing what Amazon is asking (sign up for Amazon Prime).

C: It’s funny, and that makes Amazon seem more Likeable (people buy from people they like).

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