Illinois Residents Pay No Sales Tax

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This is a great example of personalization.  The first thing I noticed on was that I wouldn’t have to pay sales tax with the purchase.  Observe bottom right corner of screenshot–


Anyone visiting the site (barring Florida, which is where is based) will see the same message with Illinois replaced by their state name.  This is what Michiganders see–


Another retailer that uses geo-location cleverly is  Observe red box below–


Here is how Crutchfield uses geo-location (observe blue arrows below)–


And finally, this is what does– is based out of New York. I live in Michigan. When I visit their homepage this is the welcome message that greets me:


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  1. This is actually really nice – but if they are a first time visitor to your site, is there a reliable way to determine what state they are from without asking them outright? There’s probably ways to geocode off their IP address, but people near a state border may not geocode reliably. Know of any tricks for this?

    1. Post

      Geocoding should work seamlessly for all visitors (first time or repeat).  I’m not sure about state border discrepancies (I know Google Analytics generates geocoding errors sometimes) and don’t know of any way to foolproof the system.

      That said, for a commodity retailer like such a strategy can tip the scales in favor of the sale.

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