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Though not a huge fan of aggressive discount tactics this example is worth sharing.

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Landing page:

Landing Page

What I like is that the retailer understands my brand preference and immediately offers a 10% discount.  I’ve not even seen the price tag but the upfront discount definitely gets my attention.  In the cut-throat world of ecommerce this slight difference has a huge impact when applied to an audience size of a few million.

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    @Vikas: Why some online stores look awful is one of the big mysteries of ecommerce.  Having spoken to a number of retailers about this and I can divide their reasoning into two camps:

    1. I don’t like the design but fear changing it will somehow plummet sales.

    2. My customers have praised the site so there is no reason to change things.

    Now, both these arguments are flawed.  My responses:

    @1: There is no risk in sales plummeting if you conduct split A/B tests between the old and new design.  The test will comprehensively prove which one drives sales.

    @2: If a retailer has 5,000 customers and 10 send an email praising the site design does this mean your design team should get a bonus? Isn’t it possible the remaining 4,090 didn’t like the design too much but were lazy to send an email?

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