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In my previous post I described how retailers could improve sales by email marketing techniques that exploit Departure Trends (like unexpectedly mild weather in November or sudden winning streak of Detroit Pistons). This post talks about how SEM can exploit those same events.

This evening I was reading the Consumer Reports magazine and they talked about best gifts for the season. Best products from each category had the ‘CR Best Buy’ label. Strangely enough, while the list ranked top products it did not mention web sites to buy. It follows that many of the 4 million readers of the magazine would go to Google to search the highly ranked Klipsch iGroove sound system. From Google most would click on the Klipsch website (bypassing the ads). But the Klipsch website does not retail online so browsers would go back to Google and click on the first advertised result, which happens to be (a tiny eTailer) and not (which also retails Klipsch iGroove). When people click on these keywords marketers can be relatively confident that they are motivated buyers.

Lead in toys has been a major media topic for 2 months now. I thought most big box eTailers would have gobbled up any related keyword sequence but found when I Googled “lead free toys” the top 2 paid results where and and when I Googled “lead free products” I found 0 relevant paid results. Mattel could have got a few PR points by buying these queries and driving consumers to their website to show how they no longer carry lead based products.

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  1. Correction to your article– the Klipsch website does retail several items, including the iGroove. Simply click on the “shop online” link from the homepage.

  2. Surely! Click on Shop Online, and iPod and Computer Speakers. You should see the iGroove SXT. If you click on it, you will see a Buy Now button.

    You do need to be within the US to see the store.

    If you’re looking for the older iGroove models, we are out of stock.

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