Narrative Control

Definition: Influencing a thought.

There are 4 types of thoughts we’re trying to influence:

1: “Too good to be true”
2: Negative
3: Competitor
4: Do Nothing

Narrative Control is a way to push past these 4 thoughts.

Here is an example of a Negative thought. We know shoppers hate newsletter popups. Most close the popup before even reading the message. This means even if your offer is beneficial most will miss it. That’s a problem.

Narrative Control to the rescue. In this example, the user is being offered a 12% discount. Most will instinctively rush to the (x) button without reading the details:

Imagine if we added a message like this for people who clicked (x):

We’re using Narrative Control by letting shoppers know that if they close this popup, they won’t be able to receive the discount offer again. Now shoppers have a choice to make: close the popup and never see the offer again or take the offer. What do you think they will choose?

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