CASE STUDY: What Makes Special?

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I’ve been seeing quite a few Moose Jaw stickers on vehicles lately, so I visited to see what all the fuss was about.

1) The first thing I noticed was that the web site had a personality.

Notice the top right corner + message under the ‘sign in’ link:


About Moose Jaw section – notice the highlighted section:


2) But they also utilize innovative marketing:


3) They’ve figured out how to use their evangelists. Below is a snippet. The site has over 1,110 customer submitted, Moose Jaw branded photographs.


4) But to really experience how Moose Jaw stands out visit their return policy section. Link below:

Personality isn’t just fun and games, it actually lifts sales. Plus if you have a personality it gives users an excuse to talk about you. In the last 6 months traffic to has spiked over 51.3%. Not too shabby at all.


Other case studies: and Wilsons leather

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