Mental Checklist

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Every time a visitor enters your site he/she runs through a mental checklist.  Some of the items on this list are:

1. Do I really need to buy this item?
2. Should I buy it now?
3. Is the item priced fairly?
4. Is this retailer credible?
5. Are the terms of purchase favorable?

Even a single “I’m not sure” to a question above could derail the sale.

As marketers we need to ensure:

1. These questions are answered satisfactorily.  Note: Just because the answers are acceptable to you doesn’t mean your potential customers think they’re acceptable.

2. These answers are easily accessible.  Note: Just because these questions are answered somewhere on your site doesn’t mean people are seeing it.  Use analytics to verify accessibility.

I believe these 5 questions are so important that every 2 months you need to draw up a list of reasons why people may answer “I’m not sure” and then enhance your messaging to fix it.

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