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Without a doubt GarrettWade is an awesome multichannel retailer. Their site is beautiful yet functional, they have a strong catalog business and their tools are exquisite. I bet people who buy at their site tend to stick around, I also bet people who buy at love tools. But then this morning I noticed a banner ad on CNN. The moment a brand opens up to the general audience they need to be aware that it’ll draw a whole slew of unexpected visitors: curious clickers, people ‘kinda’ interested in tools, gift seekers, people who are interested in tooling but don’t know how to start, etc. Now if the strategy at GarrettWade is to simply expose the brand then their landing page is OK but it does represent an opportunity for them to move beyond building awareness to moving customers along the buying process.

This is the ad:


This is the landing page:


In order to improve effectiveness of their landing page I would definitely focus on two groups:

– Gift buyers
– People interested in tooling but don’t know how to start

For the Gift buyers I would create a Gift buyer page where I would educate customers on how GarrettWade makes for a meaningful gift (which it clearly does) and ask questions about the gift receiver’s project habits and then recommend tools. I tried typing in ‘gift’ and ‘gifts’ on their search box but only saw a list of products.  GarrettWade could do more.

People interested in tooling (but with no knowledge) will most definitely click on those CNN ads and this presents an opportunity for GarrettWade to capture a first time buyer. They should create a learning center, with tons of how-to videos and starter projects.

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