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This is a pretty clever ad from Taboola. In the ad copy they use the keyword “skyrocket”. And in the graphic below they show a graph. But did you notice the subliminal bit? The slanted cap on the pug is positioned just right so it looks like the graph on the left is continuing outside of the table to the right.

This is intentional. The unexpected design makes you slow down, which brings the ad message into focus. In Facebook news feeds where users are scrolling super fast, any slowdown can have a dramatic impact on ad clickthrough rates.

Clever Taboola Facebook ad.

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  1. Really cool find. I actually stopped reading the blog post for a second because the ad was so attention grabbing (I have a soft spot for pugs, too). I noticed the hat/rocket bit as well. The ad also does a nice job of adding plenty of personality in a small space. Really successful overall.

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