Losing Valuable Feedback

Vintagetub.com, like other ecommerce sites, asks customers for feedback. But you have to be registered to write a review. Fair enough. However, when I saw a useful review and went to mark ‘yes’ for the question “Was this review helpful to you?” I was once again asked to register. This, I think, is a bad idea.


By voting for or against a specific review I am essentially telling vintagetub.com which reviews have a higher influence thus allowing them to prioritize which reviews to address first.

PS: I shared this with Allan Dick (their CMO) and he made the change!

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  1. I agree – it seems better to allow folks to rate the reviews without having to register. Honestly, I had not thought about that point. I have written to our vendor that provides this service and will see if we can get that changed quickly. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Allan Dick
    Vintage Tub and Bath

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