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Anything you do that reduces friction will improve conversions.  You know this, and williams-sonoma.com knows this.  That is why on product pages they have this prominent call-to-action—


How does this make a difference, you ask?  Well, shoppers who have unanswered questions have 0% probability of converting; shoppers who have unanswered questions have 15% interest in going trough customer service hoop hell (note: it’s possible that Williams-Sonoma has little to no call wait time, but skeptical shoppers just assume they’ll be on hold a long time, thus the 15% interest in placing the call).  However, when shoppers with unanswered questions are given the option of having a service rep call them (thus no wait time) their interest level spikes to 40%.  This delta of 25% between 15% interest and 40% interest is what williams-sonoma.com has eliminated by displaying a Let Us Call You call-to-action.

Screenshot of popup that appears when button is clicked—


You might not have the call center headcount of williams-sonoma.com, but you can still use this tactic by displaying Let Us Call You call-to-action on select product pages (i.e. product pages that have a high visit count but low conversions or products that are higher ticket items.)

Also, you can set this as a test and measure sales generated via Let Us Call You feature.  Once you know attributed sales it’s easy to determine if leaving the feature is a good idea or not.

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  1. This is really powerful. One of the India’s largest matrimony website saw a jump of 100% in conversion and a jump of 50% in cart rate with this feature when they introduced it in 2010. Now, they employ over 150 call center employees to just handle this.

    Ofcourse, the impact varies from industry to industry.

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