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One of the biggest advantages of your online channel is that it records much more than just sales numbers; which is almost the only data captured at the store level.  Ultimately the question retailers need to think about is not “why do people who are interested buy?” but rather “why do people who are interested not buy?”.  Hidden deep in the belly of the second question are vast retail riches.

Your eCommerce system has captured every aspect of customer interaction on your site.  If this information is woven the right way it may shed light into intent which could reveal a new stream of revenue. dived in to find out the intent of their customers and discovered they were looking for vegetarian shoes.

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  1. I’m convinced that in-store retailers and e-commerce markerteers can learn alot from each other. These days capturing intent certainly is one of the biggest advantages of selling online. But what stands in our way of doing this in-store? Imagine a customer walking through an alley of white wine.. his or her face is being recougnised and tracked by observation cameras. Sensors record the action of grabbing a bottle and placing it back. When the customer walks towards the checkout, a narrowcasting screen reminds her of the 50% discount on the white wine similar to the one she just had in her hands.

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    @Revi you are absolutely correct. In fact, in-store analytics has so much historical data that if analyzed correctly it can take us to a whole new understanding of the shopper’s mind. Wegmans (a grocery store) pays close attention to customers that don’t buy essentials like toilet paper and toothpaste from them. If these purchases are not happening at Wegmans they are most certainly happening at a competitor’s. This snippet of data tells Wegmans they need to activate their customer retention program.

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