How Do You Feel?

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Power is one of the most important tactics in marketing. Anytime the user feels that they are in control of the experience they are 3 times more likely to convert.

We’ll take an example right here from WordPress. Let’s say you are submitting a ticket to the support team and you are greeted with this page:

Nothing out of the ordinary here and you would probably submit your ticket as you normally would. But what if we added just one more question, see the example below:


The question in red is asking how the customer feels. Why does this matter? It matters because people who post questions to customer service are either confused, angry or experiencing some other form of anxiety. By presenting these options, WordPress is saying, “we care.”

In hindsight, these options might not actually have any effect on what happens when the ticket is submitted. However, now that we have given the user the Power to express how they are feeling, they’ll be more likely to continue using WordPress, even if they are pissed off.

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