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Google ‘hot sauces’ and is the first result that pops up.  For every hot sauce seeker is a mandatory stop and every month over 15,000 fellow seekers land here.  Being that gets all this organic traffic as a passionate hot sauce enthusiast I have a few suggestions.

Idea 1

Build a list of five recognizable hot sauces (Maybe: Tabasco, FRANK’S RedHot hot, Sriracha, Cholula Hot Sauce and El Yucateco Green Mexican Hot Sauce).  I would then hire a professional hot sauce taster (they exist for wine and coffee so probably also for the hot sauce world) and ask him/her to classify each sauce against this palette of five.  So, hot sauces under Tabasco are similar in taste to Tabasco.

Whenever someone makes a purchase I’d add samples of the five base sauces to the order.  This way shoppers can familiarize themselves with base flavors.  Any sauce that has a flavor outside of the five sauces will have it’s own category called “unique”.  The five flavors I’ve chosen are random, I’m sure the store owner could do a better job picking representative base flavors.

Idea 2 currently ranks sauces on four levels: Hottest, Hot, Medium, and Mild.  This means nothing to me.  What I describe as hot might be medium for you.  The most popular hot sauce in the US is Tabasco its taste and hotness are universally recognized.  I would use Tabasco as my average hotness point and categorize each sauce on a gradient scale above and below Tabasco.  Now I would use our hot sauce expert from Idea 1 and have him/her rank every sauce on this new scale.

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