Gift Ideas is a site that specializes in cookware.  They have a simple, yet very effective Gift Ideas page …

… where shoppers select a relevant option and see a list of highly targeted gifts.

Opportunity: On “For wine fans” page (for example) just lists products–

Which means I have to click the first item, read description, hit back button, click the second item, etc.  I wish they had presented Wine Gifts in this format …

… so the shopper could read a short description for each product and then visit product page to make purchase.

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  1. Yep, good point. Also, if it was reformatted it could easily be leveraged as an email to a subset of their customer list…They do segment their list don’t they?

  2. Smart thinking.

    The start page (under $100, under $50 etc) needs warming up as well – how about:

    * Fewer choices – 15 is way too many
    * Icons that show the category – not just a pretty box 15 times
    * Bigger font for the category name

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