Making Gift Card Redemption Better

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Brendan Regan’s post on how etailers should manage gift card redemption is so good I’m re-producing it verbatim (even the procrastination bit, which might seem out of place in this reproduction).  The steps below illustrate the experience from a customer’s perspective:

1. Receive the card, note how much is on it.
2. Sometime between and 12/26 and 1/31, decide to redeem it (Made a New Year’s Resolution about procrastinating less).
3. Look on the back of the card for redemption instructions.
4. Following the instructions, type in the URL and land on a unique landing page or a microsite, 100% dedicated to gift card redemption. No distractions.
5. I can select the value of the gift card and be shown ONLY relevant price range items, or receive a few friendly suggestions of ways to spend the $, or find out how other shoppers have been spending their gift cards.
6. The checkout flow is customized to my unique task of checking out with a gift card.

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