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Shoppers have been trained to gloss over marketing messages, which means most will close this popup without noticing the 20% off coupon:



If I was working for BabyBrezza here is what I would have done …

To engage the user, slow them down, and notice the discount rate we’re using Challenge tactic. In our concept, this is the popup message the user will see:


This is what is shown when the dropdown is clicked:


This is what we show when someone makes the wrong selection (very few will make the wrong selection):


And this is what we show when the user makes the right selection (most will get it right on the first try):


And when the user clicks Sign Up they’ll be shown the signup fields:


Compared to the original popup our concept has more steps, which might feel like it’s adding friction. But remember, all friction isn’t bad. Sometimes one need to add friction to slow the user down so our marketing message has time to sink in.


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