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We know that the review count on your product page is positively correlated with conversion rates (source). But quantity isn’t the only thing that matters, the shopper also wants to read reviews that relate to their scenario. A first-time buyer would be greatly influenced by a review that starts off with, “I’m a first-time buyer, let me tell you about my experience … ” and a skeptical shopper would be influenced by a review of a fellow skeptic.

Let’s look at a scenario. Heather purchases Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler from On order confirmation page YETI asks 4 questions (sex, have you bought from us before? how were you keeping your beverages cold/hot before this? [multiple choices], and why did you choose the 30 oz. option? [multiple choices]). Then, after 10 days we send an automated email that says:

Hey Heather,

We hope you’re enjoying your Rambler tumbler.

You know, 83% of our online shoppers are men, which means we don’t get too many female perspectives. We’d love to get your thoughts as a first-time buyer. Your perspective would greatly help other female shoppers.

[Write review] button.


This has 2 advantages:

1: More review submissions due to customized request email.

2: Reviews that are more valuable to shoppers and have richer SEO value.

You can basically automate the whole backend system so the email that’s sent will change based on the answers to the 4 questions on order confirmation page. For example, someone purchases the tumbler, he is a first-time buyer, and based in Arizona. This person will receive this automated email:

Hey Steve,

We hope you’re getting the most from your Rambler tumbler.

We’d love hear your thoughts about how your Rambler is holding up against the intense Arizona sun.

[Write review] button.


This is just a simple version of this concept. Theoretically, you could make it as detailed as you like. For example, the Arizona email is only sent for purchases made during peak summer season; for non-summer Arizona purchases we have an alternate template.

And the benefit isn’t only in terms of variety of reviews you’ll get and SEO value, it can also dramatically impact conversion rates. Let me explain. Once you’ve collected a good number of reviews you could add these links to your product description:

[Reviews from first-time female shoppers]

[Reviews from people in your state]

[Reviews from people who ditched their current product for Rambler tumbler]

[Reviews from first-time female shoppers] would appeal to a first-time female shopper and on clicking [Reviews from first-time female shoppers] she would be shown all first-time buyer female reviews.

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