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Saw this advertisement on right hand margin of my Gmail inbox—


Notice how Software King icon is blurry? Not sure if this was deliberate or a mistake, but if it was deliberate these guys are marketing geniuses. Here’s why— blurry images immediately capture our attention because we’re expecting to see clear images. What makes this ad so effective is that while the logo is blurry the message 15% off on Office 2010 and all software when you enter code AdWords. Buy Now and Save Big! is super clear. In a way, the blurry image makes the ad copy stand out. Bottom line— they get my attention with the blurry image and get me to click based on relevance of sales copy. You should test this. I know I will.

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  1. Tried this strategy in adwords once for a daily deal company. Saw almost 300% increase in CTR. However, the conversions dropped drastically. They were lower by about 40% with the original lower CTR.

    One possible reason could be — So many non-serious users click on the ad just because of novelty factor and hence bouce off from the LP. This idea made Google a bit richer 🙂

    1. Post

      Hey Srinivas,

      Thanks for the comment. And you’re exactly right. I’ve never run this test but your example makes perfect intuitive sense. Clever advertising needs a matching product or service!


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