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My friend Scott Jordan (Scott runs a very successful ecommerce business scottevest.com) posted a thought on Facebook that I agree with so much I’m reposting it in its entirety—

I have seen the future of e-commerce. This might seem obvious to most people but mobile conversions have been very problematic for most e-commerce websites. They are often convert one third the conversion rate vs Internet browser on desktop purchases.

In sum, mobile Internet searching accounts for over 20% of all traffic on our website. No matter how hard we try to make the website mobile friendly, it is still difficult to make a purchase. You can’t get over the math of it. If mobile traffic is increasing disproportionately higher than web, yet converts disproportionately lower, then sales will be lower, even if eyeballs and traffic increase, unless you can grow traffic quicker, which is getting increasingly difficult as people continue to struggle with driving relevant traffic.

Facebook’s increasing traffic, most of it on mobile are part of the problem, and solution.

Here’s the issue: No one wants to enter in all their information using a smart phone or tablet.  This is why I believe Amazon is doing so well. They have mastered the mobile purchase.

The answer that a lot of the e-commerce sites I have gone to is creating their own App. This doesn’t make any sense to smaller retailers and frankly I don’t even think for large retailers.

You have to deal with the biggest friction point and that is putting all the information and credit card information and signing in and out of sight on a mobile device is cumbersome.

You need to aggregate products in the fashion that Amazon has done and also as I have recently learned from the from GetLuxapp.com, which allowed me to easily browse cool products directly in facebook then download their app (unnecessary step imo) from within fb, then with a single button/thumb on home key, I ordered it without ever entering anything.

But the real key is making the ultimate purchase easy. To do so means access to your credit card. Now with Apple Pay on all my iOS devices making a purchase for websites that enable you to purchase using Apple Pay make purchasing as easy as putting my thumb on the home button and letting it scan my fingerprint.

I look forward to the day hopefully soon when all e-commerce websites (including Facebook) can easily incorporate Apple Pay and whatever Google’s version is onto mobile e-commerce sites so the purchases can be made readily by merely using your fingerprint.

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