Future of eCommerce

It’s hard to predict what will happen 2 weeks from now, let alone next year.

But when it comes to ecommerce trends there are 2 we’re willing to bet our reputations on:

1: Increase in mobile sales relative to overall sales.

2: Increased use of videos.

This post is about #2.

Basically, eventually, your ecommerce store will turn into a choose your adventure experience. Think a TV commercial except one that’s 100% personalized for the things you care about. Some scenarios:

— If a user is concerned about your return policy they’ll want to see a video.

— Let’s say you sell a product that has 3 specific buyer types. On the product page we’ll ask the user to identify their buyer type and show a video specifically created for that buyer type.

— If a user wants to compare 2 items they will first make a shortlist and then be shown a personalized video that specifically talks about the differences between the 2 selected items.

Bottom line: you’re going to have to create a lot of video content.

To get a feel for where we are headed check out optinmonster.com. These guys have a video for every single feature of their site. All of their documentation has been converted into video walkthroughs of the tool. It’s a remarkably rich user experience.

Which of the 3 scenarios mentioned above do you think is most powerful?

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