FTC and Equifax’s $125 Claim

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Government agencies have a dry writing style. Because their message is so strongly vetted it loses all personality and heart. It sounds like a robot.

But FTC has done a really good job explaining, to worried consumers, how to navigate the Equifax mess.

People have questions. They want to know how to choose between the $150 one time option versus the 10-year credit reporting option (up to 4 years with all 3: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion; and remaining 6 years with Equifax). Which one is better? If you pick $150 one-time option you can’t make use of the free credit reporting option. If I pick free reporting for 10 years can I check multiple times in a year? Or can I check just once a year?

What I like about the FTC page is how nicely they explain things. I feel I’m having a conversation with someone who actually cares about me:

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