Font Size and Conversion Rates

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In the last 11 years, we’ve tested everything from alternate images to video, to redesigns. The biggest conversion driver? The copy (words on the page).

Good copy just converts like crazy.

But if the copy is such a big driver surely readability of that copy should be important too. It is. I’m a huge fan of pages with large type and good spacing.

Large font size = more readable = higher conversion rates.

Check out


Font Size and Conversion Rates
Screenshot doesn’t do justice. Just visit.

If you’re an e-commerce with a goal of driving conversion rates please increase your font size.

“What font size should I use to maximize conversion rates?”

That’s the question that got me to write this article. See, I don’t need to be convinced about the conversion power of font size. But I needed to write a great article that would answer all your questions. No need for me to write that article because someone (D. Bnonn Tennant) has already done it. And he did it in 2011. The article is linked lower on the page, but here were the key takeaways for me:

  • Use 16 pixels font size.
  • 16-pixel font size is about what you’d find in a book if you factored for reading distance. We keep books quite close to our eyes. If you adjusted the distance to match the distance from our screens you’ll end up with about 16 pixels.
  • The harder your text is to read, the less of it will get read . If your an e-commerce business this is a big problem.
  • At age 40, only half the light gets through to the retina as it did at age 20. For 60-year-olds, it’s just 20%.
  • Some people might protest by saying, “but users can zoom”. The article has a great response:

Not so. The users who will most need to adjust their settings usually don’t know how. And the users who do… well, they’ll probably just take the easier path by hitting the “Back” button.

What I have above is just a summary. You can read the whole article here:

Giving users a say

It’s possible you are convinced about using the bigger font but want to give the user a say in the matter. There is an elegant solution for this on the site. By default, they show the font in normal size but give the user the ability to increase it:


On click:


Font size and conversion rates

Now that you know what font size to use (16 pixels) the question is what should the copy say? What can we say to maximize conversions? Have a look at our copywriting checklist, it could change your life.

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  1. Hi Rishi,

    I just read this – another useful post. Thank you.

    Do you expect that the optimal font size for desktop and mobile are the same?

    All my best,


    1. Post

      Hi, Jerry!

      That’s a really good question. Because our eyes sit further away from the desktop, font sizes need to be bigger (16 points). Mobile font size could be similar to a book, around 11 or 12 points.

      That’s just my opinion.

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